Willy Santos

Posted July 30th, 2010

From rocking things back in the day to running his own ship now, Mr. Santos has been doing some good things for his local skate scene.

How young you be these days and when did you get into skateboarding?
I think I started skating around 1986-1987 in San Diego.

Who do ya ride for?
Birdhouse, Orion Trucks, Satori Wheels, Upful Bolts, Iron Horse Griptape, Arnette & of course Willys Workshop

What was the raddest thing about filming your video part for The End?
The whole thing was an amazing experience.

How is life running a skate shop? You give haircuts too right? Any mohawk requests?
Life running the shops is honestly tough with the way the economy is… My wife & the rest of the crew just keeps moving forward for the better future. God Bless America. We stopped the barber shop awhile ago. It’s just straight up skateshop.

What’s the craziest shit you’ve seen while skating?
One word… JAWS

Who is ripping these days?
I’m really hyped with the squad on Birdhouse.

What’s the raddest place you’ve traveled to to skate?
I enjoyed Shanghai, China, Australia & Barcelona, Spain.

Now that your older how do you handle the police?
I don’t run…

If you could change one thing in skateboarding what would it be?
I wish Skateboarding is not a CRIME.

If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?
I would spend it with my family & fit in about 2 hours of skating.

Any thanks or words of wisdom for the kids out there?
Thanks to all my sponsors especially Birdhouse since day 1. Enjoy skateboarding & don’t worry about what’s the next big trend of skateboarding tricks. Just do want you want you’ll have way more fun that way.