Marijuana Del Gato

Posted January 8th, 2012

Ripping for days, friends with everyone, been all over the world, it wasn’t long before we realized this green bud of ours deserved a spot on the team.

Feeling right at home with a crooked grind in San Francisco.

Interview / Photos by Travis Knapp-Prasek

So how long you been skating for?
It’s hard to say, I honestly can’t remember.

What got you into skateboarding?
Everybody was always tucking me along and forcing me to cram into their backpacks to go on trips. Hell, sometimes people even made me chill in the tongues of their shoes.

What”s your favorite trick?
Really? Come on. Blunts to fakie. Or frontside. Shit, I just love blunts.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Definitely not in Alex’s living room anymore. That place is too sloppy. He needs to switch from a bong to a vaporizer cause that water be stanking.

The flashes didn’t go off and the next thing you know the cops bum rushed the spot but Mari was nowhere to be found. Ollie in Winston-Salem, NC.

Indoor or outdoor? .
You gotta know that all natural sunlight is so much nicer. I just get so much more pleasure outta skating outdoors. But then you gotta worry bouts the cops and shit. Hell, I even got the DEA looking for me from time to time. Them normal skaters think they got it rough, shit, in some states cats be going to jail, and even prison cause of just a spec of me being around.

But man, those indoor sessions can be great when you in an area with shitty weather. Plus them big bright lights be so much nicer. Last time I was skating in a dark alleyway I damn near killed myself on a bums broken beer bottle. Shit was lame.

What advice do you have for the kids and the future of skateboarding?
Moderation fosho. Don’t over do it. You gotta look out for your health, mental and physical. I try to not let things in life stress me out. I’d much rather be kicking it than letting a cop get to my nerves. Just remind yourself there’s hella spots out there so don’t let the boys in blue hold ya down. Kids also gotta stick wit it, don’t be dealing with no shady cats.

I heard you can make some killer brownies…
Oh yea. I got that shit on lock. But ya gotta take small steps. Some kids be stepping on a board for the first time thinking they gonna grind that 20 stair over there. Yea, I know my skills can give you that confidence kids but please start with the curb before ya hit the 5 set. If you get in over your head, you ain’t gonna be having fun. Can’t rush greatness. Patience is a virtue.

Backside smith in Raleigh, NC where you definitely going to jail if ya get caught with this guy.

What pros do you like to skate with?
Damn, so many pros and ams out there being trying to skate wit me. Luckily my crew is vast. But personally I’ll skate wit anyone if they got the spirit of just ripping and letting the problems in your mind become ancient artifacts.

How high can you ollie?
How high can’t I ollie.

You ever gotten any tickets for skateboarding?
Damn! I wish it was that easy. Everytime, even if I just be rolling down the street, I get the full handcuff action. Shit, some cops go through my homies cars with tweezers and magnifying glasses trying to find me if I run from them monsters with guns.

People call you a lot of things, what’s your favorite?
Mary Jane is cool but then I got all these doods trying to pick me up, and if you know me I can’t be around doods while I’m maturing. Herb is tight but homies be trying to mix me in with their pasta. Weed is ill but then cats being trying to kill you cause you fucking up the grass which is even more confusing cause ain’t nobody even trying to play soccer in me. AK47 is quite gangsterish but shit , I like Ghandi ya know? Diggety dank is fun to say. Trees are what’s up though, we ain’t shit without trees.

Going green Frontside five o in the city where the five o know Mari is just out to have a good time.

Planning on traveling in the future?
Hells yea! I gots the illest methods of getting around. Luckily I’m pretty resiliant so you can just throw me in the mail and I’ll be chilling till I gets where I need to be.

Any last words?
Thanks to all you cats out there who be fighting for me to stay outta jail. I’m down to kick it anytime and keep your spirits high and dry.