Kevin Radley

Posted July 12th, 2010

Born in Manilla in the Phillipines with a quick relocation to New York and then finally landing in Saudi Arabia for 8 years where he learned to skate while indulging in the local hash lifestyle, Radley is one to watch out for. With a quick steez with a mad flow he’s got things on lock don’t ya know? Outside of Satori he currently rides for Creation Skateboards, Emerica Shoes, Elwood Clothing, and Stratosphere Skate Shop. If today were his last day to live he would go eat some banging Vietnamese food with his family then go have sex with a girl while sky diving only to land in the mouth of a great white shark. He quickly pin points Atlanta as his favorite city to skate. Sabbath and Reggae top his playlist.

Kevin let me know the old foundation spot has been torn down and a new park is on the way. Turns out the water underneath the foundation was toxic as hell so hopefully once that is cleaned up Atlanta will be home to a brand new grip of obstacleage to shred.

If your ever down in the Sweaty South look out for this cat, you can find him rolling with Dan Plunkett, Grant Taylor, the DTE crew and anyone else who happens to be passing through the city.