Kevin Lowry

Posted September 1st, 2010

When you take basic tricks and apply speed, power, finesse, and solidarity… you come up with some damn fine skateboarding.

What’s ya full name, how young are ya and where were you born?
Kevin Noel Lowry. I am 23 years young and I was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Where did you grow up skating and who inspired you to get into this shit?
I grew up in Saskatoon till I was 15 then Moved to Calgary. I was inspired by a few but my neighbour Jude gave me a ton of boards.
Other then that Dan Watson and all the NSH crew…..

What’s the raddest thing you’ve seen while skating?
The streets

What’s the worst police encounter you’ve had?
Got arrested for skating a full pipe and spent the night in the drunk tank.

If you knew today was your last day to live, how the fuck would you spend it?
I would spend it at MACBA or Bombing some hills with my friend. Then go home and have a feast with my family and friends.

You on any special diet / health kick to stay fit to shred?
Nothing to crazy I do take glucosamine for my joints. I just try to eat healthy but sometimes its doesn’t always happen.

Who else do you skate for?
Blueprint Skateboards, Adidas, WESC, Venture and The source

How long you been skating?
Long enough that I cant stop. I barely remember days when i didn’t have my board.

Where have your travels taken you to so far and what has been the coolest thing about the journeys?
China, Spain, Berlin, SF, Portugal, London, Paris, NYC and all over Canada

Any words of wisdom for the next generation of skateboarding?
Just skate and keep things simple. Most things are out of your hands.

Top 5 skate cities
1. NYC
2. Montreal
3. Berlin
4. China
5. Of course Spain

Top 5 ways to bail
1. Rocks

Top 5 ways to lose
1. Lie
2. Cheat
3. Steal
4. Gambling
5. Lie

Top ways to win
1. Fair and Square
2. Hard work
3. Putting in Time