Karl Watson

Posted July 10th, 2010

Nicest dood in the game? We think so. Karl is the proud father of 3 kids and he’s already got em shredding. Karl was born in Oakland but came up in the streets by ripping SF / EMB on the regular. He currently resides in Richmond, CA where you can find him steadily croozen at the skate plaza out there. When he is not out smiling or handing out stickers/goods to the youngens you can find him at half the helms of Organika skateboards where his goal is to keep pushing skateboarding in a positive direction via the eco vibe and also support the future of skateboarding. Besides Organika and Satori, Karl also rides for Venture Trucks , FTC , LRG Clothing, Diamond, Paradox Griptape and 510 Skateshop. Karl just had a part drop in the new LRG video and you know he’s got some ill maneuvers for you to feast your eyes on.

Karl is one positive cat and being around him will bring a sense of peace and fulfillment to ya life. Homie also has a mean slappie, and can we say nose manual spinner to back lipper champion? A true skateboarder who came up in the EMB era.

Karl has roots so deep them redwood trees be giving him props.

Karls Top Fives

Places to Skate
1. EMB
2. Any spot in China
3. Japan
4. Spain
5. Any red curb

1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. Operation Ivy
3. Coldplay
4. Thievery Corporation
5. Pearl Jam

1. Breathing
2. Being with the family, “watching my boys grow”
3. Good food
4. Thinking about skating
5. Being alive, contemplating how vast life is

1. Everybody who has supported him over the years
2. Keith Cochrane
3. Greg Carroll
4. Troy Morgan
5. Robert Wright
6. LRG
7. Kent / FTC