Jose Rojo

Posted February 8th, 2012

“If you skate you are part of this community of amazing people who will always help you out.”

Frontside Noseslide – Photo by Jeff Landi

Welcome the team. What made you decide to approach us and want to ride for Satori?
Thank you! Well I have been skating with Kenny A, Montoya and Selego for quite some time and was always hyped on the wheels they would set up. They would always say that the wheels were amazing! So with that said I had to contact you guys. And sure enough they were 100% correct!!

Crate hopping – Photo by Jeff Landi

You have been on Enjoi for quite some time now, how has being involved with them helped out with your passion for skateboarding?
I grew up skating with those guys and too see the progression, passion and just raw talent has always been so motivating to me! They push me to skate better and always have. My passion and love for skateboarding is and will always be there! It’s the best!!!!

Many people mention how traveling can be one of the best teachers. What have you learned throughout your years of being on the road and visiting foreign lands?
I’ve learned that no matter where you are you always have a family! No matter what, if you skate you are part of this community of amazing people who will always help you out.

Just overall street smarts man! We are in the streets every single day and experience shit that normal citizens would freak out on!

If there was one thing you could say to a kid who was stepping onto a skateboard for the first time…. what would it be?
Enjoy the ride buddy and don’t take it serious because the minute you do the enjoyment will fade. Stay persistent and never give up!

How do you feel about the act of recycling old skate wheels and turning them into new ones?
I think it’s such a great idea! Not only for the skaters who can send their old wheels in and get a new set but for the Environment too! I’m tired of all this pollution killing our world!

How is filming for the new Etnies video coming and do you have anything coming out with them we should be looking forward too?
It’s going to be a little part that will be released on the Etnies site along with a couple of other things in early June. I can’t get into specifics but its going pretty cool. I’m hyped!!

Any hobbies outside of the act of skating?
I’ve always been an avid Angler and just recently been getting into golf! I know it sounds funny but its an amazing way to clear your head. It also is very similar to skating. Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies as well, My Fiance and I always take to the trails!

Best spot you have skated that is no longer around…
I would have to say the Dixon Landing ledges of stairs in San Jose.

How should kids handle police?
Just listen and leave! That’s all I can say. I’ve been screwed over too many times for skating!
Skateboarding is not a Crime!!!

Earliest memory of skating?
Ha! pushing mongo in my front yard trying to learn body varials!

Who else do ya skate for?
Etnies shoes and apparel, Enjoi, Royal trucks, Bones Swiss, NC Boardshop and of course Satori.

Who do ya want to thank for where you are at?
I wanna thank my family, Fiance Cece, Mike and Alex at NC boardshop, everyone at Etnies, Enjoi, Matt Eversole, Marc Johnson, the Tiltmode Army and skateboarding!!