Geir Myrvang

Posted September 3rd, 2010

One foot pivot to fakie // foto: Arnfinn Grindvold

Unique style and a flow like no otha, Mr. Myrvang is one chilling brotha.

How young are ya?

What city are you in?
I live right outside of Oslo now..

Is that where you grew up?
No.. I grew up on the opposite side of Oslo, more south.. family friendly suburb..

What is skating like in Oslo?
Street skating in Oslo is really fun.. I like to go around and find hidden spots in the industrial areas around the city.. and we got a good scene here too..

What type of hidden spots?
Usually skaters don’t look around that much, just take the nearest park or curbspot, but i like to find those hidden gems.. like sketchy bumps to barriers or rails.. and street-transitions..I know of so many cool spots that just me and some close friends have skated..

What type of music is popular in Oslo?
There are groups of every kind of music lovers over here.. can’t really say whats more popular..

Black metal is really big right? didn’t it start Norway?
Yeah it did man.. Its a big scene here with black metal, but its not something that you encounter in your daily life.. but the punk/grunge/Metal/Black metal crowd is big here..

What type of music do you listen too?
I’m into reggae.. like old tunes and dub.

Any particular song your feeling at this moment?
I’m a big Lutan Fyah fan.. But right now I’m really into Barry Brown.. “Give another Israel a try”

How long have them dreads been going for? I’m sure hella people ask ya this.
Many people wondering.. I´ve been a dread for about 5 years..

They make for some good photos. What’s the illest thing about skateboarding?
Not to sound cliche, but its the fact that skateboarding makes you able to re-define everything around you.. everything is a opportunity.. that and the fact that even after 10 years of skating, a parking block and a group of good friends can be fun for hours..

Wild wallride in the woods - foto: Arnfinn Grindvold // FS Board - foto: Stian Evensen

Who all do you skate for?
I ride for a small local “rasta” skatebrand called Iriewood Skateboards.. I get shoes from Ipath Footwear. Wheels from Satori Movement, Hardware from Upful and my Grip from Paradox

What’s the closest city/country outside of Oslo that you travel too to skate?
I would have to say a small town called Horten, its about 1hour drive from Oslo and it has a supercool park, with a wooden bowl and a good crew of locals

Are the seasons pretty harsh in your area?
yeah man.. been skating a small indoor skatepark without heat all winter down to -17*C

That’s some rocky balboa shit.
Gots to skate man.. I skated from 09.00 in the morning ´till noon 3 times a week there all winter.. it was good man.. lots of this clip is filmed in -10*C: http://www.playboard.no/nyhet/1527

Do you work a day job or go to school or just shred?
I work as a teachers assistant with kids with ADHD and other social issues

Do any of the kids skate?
I got the last kid I had into skating.. he where 12, and now he´s hooked, and it helps him out alot to build social confidence.. the kid i have now is not a believer yet, but Ive only worked with him for a few weeks.. we´ll see..

Anyone you wanna thank for where your at?
There’s a lot man.. My Satori TM Stian Sannerud has pretty much single handedly helped me to where I’m at in skateboarding.. and with support from my girlfriend, parents and all the guys I grew up skating with, I’m a happy camper.

Satori would also like to thank Snakepit Distribution.