Garret Daly

Posted March 24th, 2011

One footer to fakie // City College, San Fran Pyscho

Interview / Photos / Footy by Travis Knapp-Prasek
I first met Garret at the 6th and Fulton flatspot here in SF about 9 months ago. I was just skating around the city with the video camera when I saw this kid skating super fast and really consistent. I watched him for a bit then asked him if he was down to film some shit. He ended up doing the line in his part (video below) with the hippie jump, backside 180, and then half cab feeble. He took a super tough slam on that backside 180 but bounced right back. Honestly filming that line sparked a drive inside of me to continue to film Garret and many others in the city for the next 6 months straight. Everyday we would just go out, pick a direction, and start walking, hitting up anything we came across. Garrets a ripper, any spot you take him too he usually has something for it. If he isn’t on his board due to an injury you know inside his mind he is just anxiously awaiting that day he can skate to his full potential.

Alrite, whats your full name?
Garret Peter Daly

Where are you from?
I’m from Leverett, Massachusetts, but the town I grew up I skating in was Ammhurst, a town away, thats where all the spots were.

What brought you out to San Francisco?
Skateboarding mostly, friends, and to get out of the same old bullshit I was in back home.

What has your experience been like so far since you came out here?
Really good. A lot of good people, a lot of good spots, good weather for the most part, yea man, good times.

I know when you first moved out here it was just you and then your whole crew followed. How has that changed your life now that all your homies are out here?
It’s good. I’ve been unemployed for a while so we all have just been kinda holding each other down. All these cats that I knew since I was little , that I grew up skating with. It’s really good to have your family and friends around because they hold you down.

What year were you born? How old are ya?
I just turned 23, so 88 baby, fresh from 88, suckas.

Your living in a 2 bedroom apartment?
There are currently 6 of us in a 2 bedroom apartment, well 5 now, one moved out, he’s married now.

What has the balance of skating and working been like out here? How much money have you been surviving off of?
For the first year I was working in a little market near my house, and it was always morning shifts. I wasn’t making much but I could get off early enough to go out and skate all day everyday, and have money, and since then I’ve had basically nothing, I eat once a day and then skate all day. It’s good and it’s bad, but no complaints as long as I can skate. As long as I am healthy, everything is all good.

Backside tailslide on a Sunday in a Church Schoolyard // St. Francis Wood, SF

Whats the biggest difference between the style of skating out here in SF and your hometown?
I’d say it’s faster out here, everything goes by faster. You skate faster and time is faster. Back home just feels like your always in a standstill.

How many miles a day do you think you skate?
I don’t know man, a lot. We live on top of the mountain (Twin Peaks) so anytime I leave the house I’m bombing some gnarly hill to get ready to go. I couldn’t tell you but I’d say I cover the city many times during the week.

What’s your favorite type of beer?
A good Guiness, can’t go wrong,

What’s been the craziest shit you’ve seen out here while skating?
Oh man, give me a second to think about that. I saw a guy pee his pants in Trader Joes today.

Did he clean it up or did he walk away?
He was just walking around. I was the only one that noticed. It was ridiculous.

A homeowners nightmare, that is if you don’t skate // Wallride in the Parkside

What’s your favorite non skating activity in the city?
I like to climb trees in the park and try and holler at the pretty girls.

Is the weed better out here or back home?

At this point Garret looked at me like I was crazy for asking that question. He and his homies from home couldn’t stop laughing.

We were getting Cali back home but it was nothing like it is here.

Does Marijuana help your skateboarding, or what does it do for you?
I mean I’ve been smoking weed since I was pretty young a lot, so it kinda balances me out now, it keeps me calm, but smoking a spliff and then bombing a hill… its one of the most amazing things.

Hey ground, nice to meet ya // De Young Museum

What type of music do you listen too?
I like everything, I try and keep my mind open. I grew up listening to the Beatles and stuff like that. Then I got into hip hop/reggae and all different types of rock. So yea, I’m always listening to everything and looking out for things that keep me going.

What advice do you have for kids out there who are just stepping onto a skateboard?
Be comfortable. I’m always skating with young kids and they are always asking me to teach them how to do all these tricks and I tell them you just gotta go push around, be comfortable. You gotta love your board and then all the other things will come that are possible on it.

If you weren’t a skateboarder what would you be?

I know you just had one of your homies pass away, and with that happening did it change your outlook on life?
Definitely changed my outlook on life. I mean a lot of it having to do with the type of person that he was, how much he loved life, and how much I looked up to him. So when I get upset about anything I try and put him in the situation, ya know, what he would have done, what he would have said to me. Yea, it’s something that will be with me the rest of my life. I think over time he will make me stronger.

What’s your favorite part of the city to skate in?
6th and Fulton flatspot crew, definitely where I’ve met all of the best people out here, that’s always fun. But like I said I love bombing hills, going out to the Sunset and bombing Quintara. Sunday at the Library. I don’t know I try and hit up everything, and now am trying to go out and find new stuff.

This is one of those spots you take people too, hoping they go for it. Garret went for it.

Where we at right now? What’s up with this spot?
Peoples Cafe. When I first got to SF I’d be here everyday handing in resumes, trying to find work. Funny memories in the place, probably one of the best places on Haight Street.

What skateshops out here have you gone to get your shit at?
Pretty much all FTC, definitely a big shoutout to Ando, he’s always been ya know trying to help me out, I really appreciate that. The DLX guys are super cool but I just live right near Haight street so I was in FTC all the time buying boards. But yea, definitely FTC all day.

What’s your favorite hill in the city?
Corbett. Corbett, definitely, rain or shine, Corbett. It’s like snowboarding, your like, fucking cruising.

What bar out here do you suggest people go to if there into that?
Pops. It’s always a good scene, a lot of skateboarders there, it’s real cheap, it’s right near the skatepark, Potrero. Now if your into crew neck polos and hot bitches, you go to Polk street, but we don’t do that anymore.

Do you have any last words or people you want to thank for where your at in life?
I wanna thank all my friends, my mother / my father have been really supportive over the years, my brother has helped me out a lot, a big shoutout to you Travis, fucking held me down since day one, Ron and all the flatspot doods, and everyone who continues to skate for the right reasons.

Any shoutouts to any police officers out there?
No. No shoutouts to the police officer, every police officer that’s every fucked with me, I don’t know what I wish em, fuck em.

We got kicked out by that lady, it was raining so I spent hours photoshopping shit onto this photo, then Garret went back and got kicked out again in 2 minutes, then he went back again and got kicked out again in 2 minutes, then we went back and an old guy tried to fight us while an old lady screamed at us. So we are posting this “not yet made” yet photo as a reminder to just how tough skating in the streets can be and how people care more about a ledge, than you.