Flo Marfaing

Posted July 21st, 2010

With a name like his you know Mr. Marfaing is gonna have a steez like no other. Super mellow while wreaking havoc upon the streets most wanted obstacles, Flo has got this shit on lock.

How young are ya and when did ya start skating?
I am 31 years young and I started skating around 1989

Who/what got you into skateboarding?
My older brother got me into skateboarding.

Where are you currently located?
I am located in Badalona, close to Barcelona. It’s a nice little town with a beach.

What have you been up too recently?
Recently I have been spending a lot of time with my daughter. Not too long ago I just got on a new European board brand sponsor called Clan. I’m also in the middle of a moving from one apartment to another, so yeah a bit busy these days.

What’s the craziest shit you’ve seen go down in life while shredding?
One of the craziest shit for me is how the police of Barcelona are acting to skateboarders in places like MACBA and not just in the Centre. I remember the love park dvd when everyone runs and cops are running after them. Why such hate against a bunch of kids playing on flatground? Besides that I’ve seen too many incredible performances on a piece of wood. I just hate these cops and new laws!!!

What skaters do ya look up too?
I’m looking for all this new generation which is gifted and I try to learn from them sometimes, but still sometimes they learn from Daddy Flo, I’ve got a lot to share.

What words of advice do you got for the kids out there in the streets skating everyday?
Be patient, be yourself and always have good focus while you skate, that way you will have less injuries !!

What plans do you have for the future?
My plans in the future are to take care of my child and hoping to be able to skate with out physical problems. Staying healthy …

What music ya rocking out too?
Basically it’s no joke but me and my girl been listening to the Satori Mix that I received a while ago. Very nice positive sounds on it, my daughter dances to it too sometimes hahah. Besides that still some raps here and there or music from 1978 too. 1983-84 has been interesting me again. I can’t explain really why?

Anyone ya wanna thank?
I wanna thank my sponsors who support me and all the people who have helped me or me with my family now !I appreciate a lot!.
My sponsors: Vans, Clan , Satori, Zeropolis Skateshop, Djinn S Caps and I support Krooks and Castle with the German skate team.