Ed Selego

Posted June 22nd, 2010

Born in Texas but then moved around for a while Ed Selego has been apart of Satori pretty much since day one. From trips to Japan with Fuenzalida / Hiroshi (tour guide) to currently running his own skate shop in Miami now Ed has got the heart to keep pushing skating in the “have fun” direction it’s always been about. He spent a lot of time growing up and skating in Tampa. His top places to skate include Columbia/Bogota, Barcelona, Japan, Russia, and San Francisco.

When Ed isn’t skating he enjoys playing music with all types of instruments, the goal being to just jam out with fellow friends. When he’s not playing he’s feeling reggae, country, and rock & roll. Waylon Jennings provides much inspiration. He also builds ramp in his spare time which is a hobby all of us should take more indulgence upon.

His skateshop (MIA) has been around for 7 years and they are in the process of dropping their new video. There isn’t a name yet but you know it’s gonna be good with Josh Stewart behind the lens / editing.