Eric Dermond aka Derm

Posted October 6th, 2011

A grip of new documentation from flow rider Derm, an 18 year young ripper outta outta Wayne, NJ. He is also riding for Stimulus Skateboards, Domestics Clothing (flow), Division East Skate Shop, Drop In Skatepark, SFNJ, and Vans (flow).

Frontside rock like whoa – Photo: Joe Scordo

Hella high wallride brah!- Photo: Mazz

Smitherines – Photo: Mazz

On the bench off the bench to front tail – Photo: Joe Scordo

Wallride nollie ova tha rail – Photo: Mazz

Fruntside to backside soul ride – Sequence: M to tha A Z Z

DIY or die! Back lip to fakie transfer – Sequence: Mr. Mazz

Skirt skirting back noseblunt reverting – Photo: Kevin Graham

Balancing the street smashn wit some frontside slashn – Photo: Joe Scordo