Danny Fuenzalida

Posted July 12th, 2010

If you’ve ever seen him skate you know he is on some next level shit. From just dorking around on a backside noseblunt then half hazardly trying a nollie heelflip out of it just for kicks, Danny is an innovator, a mad scientist of sorts, but he’s not mad, he’s quite cool, calm and collected in his ways.

How young you be and when did ya get into this skate life?
Started at 12 when my best friend ollied off a curb cut. It was amazing in a magically sureal way.

Whats the craziest shit you’ve seen while out on a mish?
Hhhmmmm. The vert collision at CPH pro. Just seen at Blvd in Barcelona a couple having sex at the bar. F@$king ridiculous no pun intended.

Who ya rocking for these days? (sponsors)
Think, Venture, Swiss, Satori duh, MIA, SB

What plans you got for the future?
Canada Think road trip. MIA video. Help establish and start a skateshop in Santiago Chile.

Where did ya grow up skating? i know you traveled around quite a bit, why was that?
Australia, Canada, CHILE, and now 10 yrs in the US. My dad was a mining engineer, so when a mine depleted he was transferred to a new more successful one.

Top 5 spots you’ve skated in the world?
Berlin museum, Collblanc BCN, Stalin plaza Prague, Ueno park Tokyo, 3rd n army SF

If you had 24 hours left to live, how would ya spend it?
Party with family and friends on a tropical beach all day and night. With great food from all over the world.

Any words of wisdom for the youngens out there just stepping onto the board?
Don’t let time pass u by, skate, have fun with your friends, and get out of the house to soak up some sun. It’s good for you.

Thanks? shoutouts?
Family, and friends. Sponsors. Amigos de Barce. And Yesenia