Chris Colbourn

Posted July 13th, 2010

Hailing from Williston, Vermont and riding for Silent Skateboards, Etnies (flow), Talent Skate shop, Symptoms Collective & the Mountain Dew Am Force Mr. Colbourn is 19 years young with enough drive to take out any Nascar racer.

When he isn’t borrowing bums newspaper blankets to dry his board off Chris can be found croozing the streets with Cody Hale, Sean Stem, Collin Hale, Chris Whitaker & Jordan Maxham. He is currently filming for the new Silent Skateboards video.

He just had a video part drop in “Good Things Come to Those Who Skate” by Travis Card.

If it were has last day to live Chris would simple skate his ass off and smash as many girls as possible.

He’s feeling some Bob Marley in the morning to set the day off right followed by some Atmosphere and RBL Posse.

Look out for this cat in the upcoming Gatorade Free Flow Finals, Wild in the Parks and Am Getting Paid contests.