Brent Atchley

Posted June 22nd, 2010

Mr. Atchley is a stunter, you can’t help but take notice of his steez galore, when you can make a nose manual look good as f*ck ya know something is up. Homie can skate tranny like he can recite his abc’s, easily… and who doesn’t wanna have those quick little pops, almost like your going out and picking up some flowers for ya girl cause you know she will dig ya that much more. Brent has his own croozer wheel out for your utilization pleasure, it will get ya too and fro anywhere and everywhere much like a quiet storm, hauling ass but undercover steez. Don’t front on Atchley, he could back disaster a volcano for all we cared and it would be more poetic than Jack Kerouac after a few rounds of cock tails. Brent’s a ripper, but you already knew that.