Ben Krahn

Posted July 8th, 2010

“Many are called, but few are chosen”

36 years young (as of 2010) and still skating everyday. Mr. Ben Krahn has been all over the world but favors the Marseille contests from back in the day. Along with riding our wheels he is currently backed by Blood Wizard shred sticks, Emerica shoes, Volcom clothes, Roughneck hardware, Independent Trucks, and Shrunken Heads skate shop.

You can find him carving fast lines at Burnside on the regular when he is not in school studying art & design. He’s been shralping for 23 years so you can’t front on his knowledge of the plies of wood beneath his feet. Homie prefers our recycled core 55mm hard wheels and the 80mm softie croozers for those mellow days.

If he were to die tomorrow Ben would prefer a simple day of waking up, going to skate Burnside, then returning home to crack a beer and kick it with his girl and dog. Born and bred in Seattle, WA but now residing in Portland, if you see Ben speed up, cause he skates fast.