Since day one it has been a mission at Satori to find a way to make skateboard wheels more sustainable. We have been working at this for 10 years with a passion. Since Polyurethane, which wheels are made of, can not be melted down nor easily recycled, we thought and tried just about everything we could to extend the product life cycle of the skateboard wheel.

We thought… “Grind them down and then make floor mats” and even tried using different oils to make the wheels. Heck, we even sent our factories hemp oil back in 1999 and they thought we were crazy. Finally one day Danny Fuenzalida and I were driving around SF just talking about random things. Danny is a smart and thoughtful guy into physics and quantum realities. He stimulates thoughtfulness by just being around him. Low and behold we get into talking about recycling wheels and the simplest idea just hits me…

Make new cored wheels using old wheels as the core.

Off to the testing labs we went. Ron Allen got on the used wheel collection drive and then soon enough we had team riders testing the new product samples with great success. The release of the Relife wheels is a pinnacle moment for Satori and we are super excited to do our part while still focusing on making a professional quality product that our team backs and is excited to be apart of.

Now we need YOU, skateboarders world wide to contribute by bringing your old wheels back to the skateshops where they can send the wheels back to use for incentives. We will then turn the old wheels into new wheels again backed with a guarantee.

We are ironing our all the fine details on reclamation and have a recycled wheel box in the works to collect old wheels. In the mean time , keep collecting your old wheels because we will relife them – Craig

Thank you to the following shops who have participated so far:

Quinn Brothers in CA

Solstice in MA

Undercover in FL

TBS Skateshop in MO

Overboard Enterprises in CA

35th Ave in WA

Fusion Surf and Skate in NC

The Park in FL

The Berrics in CA

UCSD Bike/Skate Shop in CA

Mosaik in WA

Ampt in CA

Seasons in NY

Exist in PA

Push in NC

Skate For Homies in UT (200+ sets!)

Brooklyn Projects in CA

Grinders in UT

Small Empire in NJ

If your interested in participating, give us a call (866.7SATORI). Do it, it’s good for the planet.