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Alex Carolino in NYC

Via The Skateboard Mag: Word on the streets is that someone paid a little visit to NYC and managed to wrap all this footy up in just a few weeks. Yeah, no joke. So how about a Mag New York Minute with one of our favorites, the always ripping, always impressive, Alex Carolino. TEXT SHAD EDIT MIKE POORE FILM RODRIGO ARENDT …


Alex Carolino in SF

Mike Poore posted up this footy straight outta the San Fransicko. …


Lee Berman

…, Jobs, Schools, Friends, Food, it all comes back to one thing. What’s been the craziest thing you’ve seen while out on a skate mission? Everything man, but a bum fully getting his dick sucked on the bleachers at China Town Courts in Boston takes the cake. At the same place I also saw a bum fall off the back of the bleachers straight to his head and the 15 other bums around him didn’t even turn their heads. Who you rolling arou…