Van days

Posted May 24th, 2011

Elijah got a van. So we filled it with gas and went on an adventure. Words / Photos by Travis Knapp-Prasek.

Uh huh hush that fuss everybody move to the back of the bus / Johnny Randolph & Elijah / Rad Grip / Garret zoning

Garret Daly – Frontside Hurricane – The Pink Taco

Handprints / Hang ten! / Santa / Croooooz

Garret Daly – Ollie – Brisbane, CA

Keep it green / Art by Ben Farris

Marley – Frontside Boardslide – Ben Lomond Skatepark

Young rippers Riley & Marley hopped in the van and joined in on the journey which led to exploring underground caves and waterfalls, and bombing lots of hills.


Elijah frontside ollie’s in Davenport while artists across the world plot their next attack.

Elijah kickflips on the cliffs edge while his girl Allison gets her zen on – SF

We totally lifestyled out here bro

Do this dishes, or skate? Hmmm….