Musically Inclined

Posted August 1st, 2013

“Ben Krahn’s skateboarding is a rare mix of precision and faith. He knows exactly what he wants to do on his board but also has the faith in his abilities to accept whatever happens during the trick and often times ends up rolling away from things that look like they are about to go terribly wrong. The music Krahn plays over his skating is serene and powerful. The song chugs along at an even pace as he maneuvers under, over, around, and through a myriad of obstacles, many of which have likely never been skated. He is a teacher who lives out in Oregon and his “outsider” status is evident in this video part. For one thing, it literally appears outside of the rest of the Blood Wizard video, after the credits – but it is also characterized in the alternative tricks, spots and music selection. All in all it is a beautiful eight minutes of cinema by a jedi on a skateboard and was the inspiration for this article.” via Jenkem Magazine

Ben Krahn’s Remarkable Wizardry from SKATEDAILY.net on Vimeo.