Posted September 24th, 2013

I hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed north for a premiere of Kensho. Here are some photos and tales from the trip. – Travis Knapp-Prasek

Goodbye SF.

Graphic design intern extraordinaire / all around ripper Ian Foreman picked me up from the bus station. We went and bombed some hills into the night. The homie Kay Kai came along to smash down some of the slopes. Our route involved hiking past the premiere spot. Legit!

It rained the next day so some sight seeing had to be done. The vibes off this tree were grooving.

Dr. Suess was in town at some point.

Looking for a good time without your skateboard? These places are always a good bet. #getyamothernatureon

IMG_2387 copyMarsh life ain’t harsh life. Unless there are mosquitoes. No mosquitoes on this day. Just rad views and sunny blues.

After the rain cleared up it was time to push play at the premiere. Peoples showed up, the video played, and peoples got stoked. The Arcata Theatre Lounge was serving up some tasty food and beverages.

Quality goods for the neighborhoods.

IMG_2377The crew clicked up and smashed down some more hills. This time with the great remnants of rain! Hard wheels and wet asphalt don’t mix. Props to Paige for butt boarding down the hills like a champ. Head smasher and all. I think we all hear Craig smashing down in the dark in this photo.

IMG_2393The next day I managed to score a ride to a surf spot from Ian’s neighbor who also loaned me a board. Camel rock is ripping! Thanks Dessie for the guidance and trust with your surfboard!

IMG_2396 copyPost surf sunset. Always a rewarding thing to see go down.

Sunday was my final full day in town so it was time to get to business. The rain cleared up and Ian put down this switch frontside bluntslide like a champ.

I don’t even know what this trick is called so I’m just gonna call it a bong ripper. Ian fakie over feeble (willy?) grinds at the park.

If you work at a skate shop you’ve probably talked to in house sales rep and artistic genius Anthony. He got them 180 nosegrinds on lock.

Ian frontside ollies into the sky oh so high.

Ian filmed a cross intersection line at this spot while dodging cars, rain drops, and pedestrians. He blasted this backside flip off the bump and off we went.

Many good times were had in Arcata. Props to all the homies out there killing it! Thanks to everyone who came out for the premiere.