Avenues & Alphabets

Posted July 5th, 2011

A new video featuring riders Lucas Hancock, Matt Atreau Mercer, Garret Daly, & Elijah Fleishman. Also presenting new riders Wells Shaw and Alec Chambers.

Supported by the Swarm, Creation Skateboards, & The Satori Movement.

Shot and chopped by Travis Knapp-Prasek

Music by Quantic

Additional videoing by Eric Diesel, Elijah Fleishman, Lucas Hancock, & Marly

Thanks to Craig, Joe, Jordan, Lezley, Dez, Andrew, Ian, Paige, Pailes, Moms, Aliana, Kyra, TK, Long @ Absolute, SF, SC, Sac, & s k a t e b o r d n